My church going habits have changed with age and location. I was baptized in a post WWII temporary wooden church in a suburb of Copenhagen called Husum. The wooden church was actually located on the west side of the so-called Vestenciente, a defense structure for Copenhagen constructed in the late 1800's after the loss of Schleswig-Holstein to Germany in the war of 1864. 
Husumvold Church
During my younger years - before confirmation - I only visited the church building during the Christmas bazaar, which the scouts helped organize. By the time I was confirmed the wooden church was replaced by modern church building in yellow stones, Husumvold Kirke, located closer to Utterslev Bog - a bit further to the north. In those days confirmation preparation was after school, and mine was from 5 PM to 6 PM every Thursday throughout grade 7.
Then during my teenage years I started to attend church every Christmas Eve. The first time was at Ballerup Church, because that year our Christmas Eve dinner was at my Mother's sisters place in that suburb of Copenhagen. 
I did not regularly attend church until I moved to Edmonton after completing my M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. In Edmonton there was a Danish church - English service every second week and Danish service every other week. The members of that church became my family away from home in the late 1970's. The pastor at Ansgar at that time was pastor Holger Madsen, who had the view, that members, and not Danish taxpayers should pay the pastors salary. The wealthy Danes in and around Edmonton clearly could afford that.
St Ansgar Lutheran Church
When in the early eighties I moved to Toronto St. Ansgar Lutheran Church on the southwest corner of Avenue Rd and Lawrence Avenue became the place, where I met my wfie, with whom I settled in Sarnia in southwestern Ontario next to Lake Huron.
Now we finally arrive at some of the churches covered by this website. In 1982 we settled in Sarnia and Redeemer Lutheran Church on Indian Road became our church home. During the first year we were also visiting an ALC church in Port Huron just across the border - properly St Paul Lutheran Church. During the years with Redeemer our family grew with two boys, who were both baptized in this church. 
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Then at the end of 1987 we moved across the pond to Denmark, and from then our church home has been Skt. Mikael's Church in Slangerup. Again in Slangerup our family expanded. This time with two girls, who were naturally baptized in Skt. Mikael's Church. During the period 2004-2012 I was active on the church council first as director of personel and then as president for 5 years.
The rest of the churches mentioned on this site are churches we have visited during our travel in Danmark and abroad. In some of them we had the opportunity to participate in a service, but in most of them we just had moments of quietness.
Illustrations on this webpage are borrowed from the respective church websites, while most other pictures on the site are owned by Niels Jensen, Slangerup, Denmark.