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Ugerløse - Ugerløse Church

Ugerløse Church
The church in Ugerløse is from 1876 and is designed by architect N.P.C. Holsøe in a Italian-Roman stile in red bricks. It replaced an old roman church from the 12th century. The inside of the church is in the traditional post-reformation style with the pulpit on the north side of the church. However, the entrance to the church is through the tower at it's west end, and just inside the nave one has found space for a small church café, a globe for lighting candle and a children's play area. You can see more pictures from Ugerløse Church in the chruch brochure, which is attached at a PDF-file.

I first visited Ugerløse Church in early 2012 on the day I decided to step down as chairman of the council in my home church, and was at that time impressed with the café area. At the time the café area spaned the nave across the entrance path. Since it has been completely moved to the north side of the nave, and on the south side there is now room for the children's play area and the globe for lighting candles. Both the globe, and the café tables and chair have been designed by the local designer Jørgen Pedersen - see Hj Design.
Niels Jensen,
10 Jul 2016, 04:20